Social Skills


Continuing with our ‘Why do we play sport?’ feature, we look at another key outcome of playing sport as we build and maintain relationships with those around us.


During our sporting lifetime, the number of people we will meet from playing sport is endless, we all share the same love, enjoyment and dedication to playing sport and it’s great to be able to share some amazing sporting moments with others.


Sport not only allows us to meet new people, it also allows us to speak, listen and manage a relationship with new people and these core people skills are born from a young age. Within primary schools, we want to encourage all pupils to listen and support each other, every children is at a different stage of their learning and this needs to be respected and supported. Positive social skills such as encouragement, positive communication, being supportive, building a friendship and listening to those who need help allows us to help the development of our friends, teammates and classmates.


So the next time you play sport, how can you help people around you? If we can all be leaders, the environment will be a positive, happy and enjoyable place to be.


As we teach PE today in our partner schools, we’ll be continuing the key message of being a good friend and leader to others.

The PlaySport Team

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