RIP Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant preparing to shoot for the LA Lakers

Last night the tragic news of Basketball legend Kobe Bryant shocked the world as he passed away with his daughter in a helicopter crash.


Kobe Bryant was an inspiration to millions across the world with his determination and desire to be the best in his sport and his presence in the world of Basketball will be missed by many.


Reading through the endless amount of tributes last night and this morning got us thinking of the number of sportsmen and sportswomen out there who are an inspiration to all of us and are the reason we play sports, we have all looked up to someone in the past and Kobe Bryant is the reason why many boys & girls pick up a basketball for the first time.


Kobe Bryant might not be an inspiration for the current generation of children but he was surely an inspiration to many Basketball coaches out there who are simply passing on their passion for Basketball so it’s important we remember legends of sports and understand the legacy they leave.


Kobe Bryant is going to start a social media feature for us where we highlight the many inspirational sporting figures of the past and present and just highlight how great and important they are to inspire the next generation – the world of sport has so many athletes who need to be recognised for their passion to excel in sports and Kobe is certainly one of them.


Rest in peace Kobe Bryant – we’ll certainly be inspiring children to play Basketball in our partner schools this week.

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