Lunch Clubs


PlaySport understands both the school’s and children’s need for lunch-time activities to keep the children engaged & active during the busy lunch time period. We provide a service that ensures children of all individual needs and backgrounds have further access to playing sport with their friends in a Fun, Inclusive & Educational environment.



Aside from children having their sporting needs met whilst having fun, our service also provides great relief to school staff; through this engagement, behaviour is proven to drastically improve during lunch-time periods.

We have seen a drastic reduction in the number of incidents at lunchtime since PlaySport have been working at our school. All of the coaches have really fitted into our TEAM and genuinely want to be here to make a difference. The children really look forward to their planned activities every lunchtime. PlaySport has had a very positive impact at our school; our children are now much more ready to learn after lunch.

Sarah Coxell, Headteacher
Fox Hill Primary School

In addition to delivering inclusive sports activities across the school during lunch periods, our ‘Tournament Preparation Coaching’ sessions are also very popular. We are aware of the need for additional coaching that children may require prior to a competitive sporting event, and our ‘Tournament Preparation Coaching’ provides a high level of coaching which is pivotal to the children arriving prepared and confident at any event.

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