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At PlaySport, we appreciate the importance of your work schedules and understand that you cannot always collect your children at the end of the school day. Therefore, we ensure your children have the opportunity to be left in a safe and highly enjoyable environment from the end of the school day until 6pm.

Our ‘Let Me Play’ Childcare is the perfect way for your children to finish their busy days, with our highly passionate and skilled team, delivering a wide variety of games and activities which engage children of all ages, backgrounds and individual needs.

On arrival, children will be provided a nutritious snack, adhering to guidelines provided from the School Food Standards. 


Children with a passion for sport can engage in various sports activities. Our coaches are all highly experienced and skilled in sports delivery, so your children will not only have fun, but also have access to further development.

If your children do not have a passion for sport, we have a variety of other activities to suit their individual needs and ensure they have a wonderful time in our care from Arts & Crafts to Performing Arts. 


There is of course a need for the children to wind down and have their own to time to play and be creative with their friends. Therefore, every day we have an allotted ‘free-time’ where the children have access to play in a fun, imaginative and safe environment. 


We believe the children’s enjoyment is central to their individual development. If a child has fun during a lesson or club, they will undoubtedly achieve more!


It is vital to our coaching team that every session is planned and delivered with every child (regardless of background and individual needs) in mind.


​We have developed a syllabus, which ensures all PlaySport sessions have a clear learning objective, in which appropriate targets are set for children of all abilities.

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