Our Week in Review – W/C 8th February ’21

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⭐️OUR WEEK IN REVIEW – W/C 8th February 2021⭐️

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It’s the last week of the first half-term, and although it’s been a different start to 2021, the PlaySport team have still had lots of fun working with the small groups of children! Hopefully, we’ll get to see all the children return to school soon – We miss you all!


It’s been another great week with the children who remain in school as this week has all been about match play in Hockey, our last week before we focus on Basketball after half-term.


It continues to be a comfort that the children at home have also been enjoying our Lockdown Learning videos!


If you are a new reader and unaware of what Lockdown Learning is… well, Lockdown Learning is our way of bringing PE to your homes, with PlaySport posting 3 lessons per week during this half-term period. Here’s the link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfuUfMVE5kWoZb47WCSmpig


See below in a little bit more detail, what we’ve been up to!



The PlaySport team have continued 2021 working with ‘bubble groups’ in our partner schools: Fox Hill, Sandy Lane, Meadow Vale, St Michaels’ and Great Hollands. The coaching team have been delivering Hockey across the year groups in our schools, with this week being all about match-play, putting into practice all of the skills learned this half-term.


Fox Hill – What a way to end a brilliant half-term at Fox Hill. As mentioned above, this week has all been about match-play.


Every match across the school has been terrific, with the children competing against one other in some highly enjoyable and thrilling matches, which have often gone to the wire. It’s been tense stuff!


Highlight of the Half-Term – The Year 6 group have been so brilliant, that Mr McBride only felt it was fair to give them a bonus end of half-term treat on the Friday with an additional afternoon of sport!


Sandy Lane – Mr Nower and Mr McDonnell have had another brilliant week at Sandy Lane, as the children has been competing against one another in their Hockey.


The competitive element has shown the progress made by all of the children this half-term, with the children showcasing their dribbling, passing and shooting in a match environment.


With the weather too cold for the outdoors on a couple of occasions this week – Mr N and Mr M treated the children to a Kurling tournament this week, which the children absolutely loved!


Highlight of the Week – How the children across the school have applied themselves to the different indoor sports they have tried when the weather hasn’t been kind. In particular, the children have found a new passion for Kurling!


Meadow Vale – Mr Sleet is going to miss the children of Meadow Vale during the half-term, such has been his sheer enjoyment getting to know and work with the children!


The children who have been a joy so far, truly thrived in their match-play week, with the matches being played at such a high standard and were so exciting, that Mr Sleet turned from coach to commentator during his sessions!


Highlight of the Week – How welcoming the staffing team and all of the children of Meadow Vale have been during our first half-term at the school.


Great Hollands – Mr Robinson continues working hard with his bubble groups at Great Hollands, as it’s been match-play in Hockey and Volleyball this week.


The matches across the board have been played superbly by all of the Great Hollands children. But what has particularly impressed Mr Robinson, has been the respect to one another show by the children. Often hearing shouts of “well played” and “unlucky, keep trying” to not only their teammates but opponents!


Highlight of the Week – Working with the children on a daily basis and seeing the smiles on their faces during what are very challenging times. The children are simply a joy to work with!


St Michael’s Easthampstead – Finally, our favourite Purple school!


Mr Craske and Mr Stow (Mr Snow as he was called this week due to the weather!) this week have truly seen all of the children’s hard work come into practice with every child excelling in the match-play environment.


The Year 3/4 bubble in particular had such a thrilling tournament, that it went right to the very last seconds, with Mr Craske jealous he wasn’t able to join in.


Highlight of the Week – How keen the bubble groups have been to learn during every session!



It’s Week 4 of Lockdown Learning this week, which provides the children at home with engaging, active PE lessons!


This week, we have uploaded videos focusing on Rolling (Ball Skills), Chest Push & Shot Put (Indoor Athletics) & Relay (Fitness Friday).


The feedback has been superb, with the children, parents and even the teachers taking part and learning in our online PE sessions. We truly thank EVERYONE who has helped make our Lockdown Learning series a success and we hope everyone has enjoyed them!


If you have missed some sessions or are only finding out about Lockdown Learning today…. Fear not, all of our sessions will remain on our YouTube channel (link is below) and our sessions are numbered so you know the order to view them in! We even have a brand-new school using our videos as a part of their home learning after half-term. So, it’s never too late!


Our weekly lessons and recommended days for Lockdown Learning are: Ball Skills (Monday’s), Indoor Athletics (Wednesday’s) and Fitness Friday (Friday’s).


We hope you continue enjoying our sessions and please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfuUfMVE5kWoZb47WCSmpig



We also of course have to thank the wonderful children we work with on a daily basis, who make our jobs simply the best!


We cannot wait to see you back after the break, as we begin learning Basketball.


As for the children at home, please know you are in our thoughts every day, and every day that passes, we know is a day closer to welcoming you back at school – we cannot wait to see you!


Take care and stay safe 🙂


We hope you have a nice weekend,

The PlaySport Team

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