Our Week in Review – W/C 4th & 11th January ’21

⭐️OUR WEEK IN REVIEW – W/C 4th & 11th January 2021⭐️

Welcome to our first post of 2021 in our social series, ‘Our Week in Review‘.


Firstly, Happy New Year to you all! It’s certainly been a strange and challenging start hasn’t it?! But fear not, the PlaySport team have some exciting news below, which will hopefully brighten yours and your children’s day!


Thankfully, the PlaySport team have been busy working in our partner schools with the children who are still able to attend school. It has been a very different experience for our staff, but it’s still been highly enjoyable and active!


In truth, the children have been such a joy to work with, the biggest challenge so far has been picking the daily stars of the day!


See below what we’ve been up to at the start of the year!



The PlaySport team have started 2021 working with ‘bubble groups’ in 4 of our partner schools; Fox Hill, Sandy Lane, Meadow Vale and Great Hollands. The coaching team are focusing on Hockey and Basketball this term, as a part of our coaching syllabus. The class sizes may be much smaller, but this hasn’t haltered the children’s learning and enjoyment of the sessions!


Fox Hill – Mr McBride and the wonderful children of Fox Hill have had a terrific start the academic year, focusing at the moment on Hockey. The first two sessions have had a specific focus on dribbling and passing, with the children’s hard work ensuring obvious progress has been made.


Alongside our Hockey syllabus, a ‘daily mile’ has been introduced in KS2, which is a whopping 16 laps of the Fox Hill playground. So far, every child has completed this, keep it up! Mr McBride has of course joined in with this, and he is certainly starting to feel this in his legs!


Highlight so far – The standard of the Year 6 Hockey on the first week was tremendous, you would not have thought it had been nearly a year some of the children had picked up a hockey stick!


Sandy Lane – Mr Nower and new Sandy Lane coach Mr McDonnell have had a very enjoyable start to 2021. Both coaches have been working with their own bubble each morning, ensuring that the children are still keeping active through their highly fun, educational sessions.


The children have been learning Hockey for the outdoor sessions and Boccia and New Age Kurling for the indoor sessions, which has brought out that competitive nature of the children. It’s been lots of fun for the children, the coaches however, are getting rather embarrassed! They definitely need more practise!


It’s also been very nice for the children to engage in some different sports (Boccia and New Age Kurling) which are Paralympic events.


Highlight so far – The general effort of the children and how well they have applied themselves, given the current circumstances.


Meadow Vale – A brand-new school for PlaySport, (which in itself is very exciting news) has been led by Mr Sleet. Mr Sleet has enjoyed every second of Meadow Vale life so far, delivering lunch clubs and PE lessons to the children. Mr Lambden has also been delivering sports to the children during lunch alongside Mr Sleet.


The lunch clubs have been a mixture of different sports/activities for the children to enjoy, with at least 2 different activities on at all times to try and stimulate the needs of all children in attendance. As for the PE, Mr Sleet has been delivering Hockey, focusing on Dribbling and Passing! Mr Sleet definitely needs an adult-sized Hockey stick… he is 6 foot 4 and finding it rather tricky!!


The children and staff have been an absolute joy to work with and have made Mr Sleet feel very welcome in his first two weeks. His biggest challenge so far has been finding his way around the school and not getting lost!


Highlight so far – How welcoming the children and staff have been in a brand-new school!


Great Hollands – Mr Robinson has kept his bubble groups busy, working on Hockey and Volleyball which the children of Great Hollands have absolutely loved! Due to Mr Robinson’s creativity with his sessions, smaller class sizes haven’t mattered one bit, with the children all thoroughly engaged and developing very well with their skills! A slightly different sport in Volleyball has also proved a huge hit (quite literally!).


Mr Robinson has certainly enjoyed the opportunity to bond with the children further, given the fact the class sizes are so small. However, the children were slightly disappointed to find out he is a Newcastle fan!


Highlight of the week – Year 4 class saying the Volleyball session was the highlight of their week!



ANNOUNCEMENTPlaySport are delighted to announce a brand-new online learning programme has been filmed for all of the children to learn from home, which we have aptly called “Lockdown Learning”.


The videos will be posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from the w/c 18th January 2021 which are short videos demonstrating PE activities alongside some challenges which require minimal (if any) equipment. This means all of the children who cannot attend school at this moment, will still have access to Fun, Inclusive & Educational PE lessons.


The weekly lessons for Lockdown Learning will be: Ball Skills, Indoor Athletics and Fitness Friday.


We hope you all thoroughly enjoy our sessions and please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel, which will be launched on Monday 18th January 2021. Please follow us on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/PlaySportUK) where we will post the link to our channel and access to the videos!


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our update, as always, any questions can be asked via email (info@play-sport.co.uk) or phone (01344 508008).

Have a lovely weekend,

The PlaySport Team


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