Our Week in Review – W/C 19th April ’21

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⭐️OUR WEEK IN REVIEW – W/C 19th April 2021⭐️

PlaySport provides breakfast clubs to primary schools in Bracknell.


After a successful, enjoyable and very busy Easter period, the Summer Term has begun, and it’s been an absolute belter with the sun shining and our new sport of Cricke’ very much underway for the children in our schools. We also begin a brand-new PE contract/partnership at The Pines Primary School in Bracknell, which has made this week even more special for PlaySport!


See below in a little bit more detail, what we’ve been up too and any updates from the PlaySport team.



The PlaySport team have been busy this week delivering our daily lunch clubs & PE sessions, in our partner schools: Fox Hill, Sandy Lane, Meadow Vale, St Michael’s Easthampstead, Great Hollands and The Pines.


In all schools, our new sport is Cricket, with the focus this week very much on overarm bowling. The initial target for the children was of course mastering the basic technique, as due to Covid-19, the children missed their Cricket last academic year, so naturally there would have been a few cobwebs to dust off (coaches included!).


Once the ‘cobwebs’ were dusted off, there could be a further emphasis on the distances and in particular speed of the bowl, which naturally then got the children to start playing competitively against one another. Although batting wasn’t the lesson focus, it would be rude not to let the children attempt the batting as the standard of the bowling improved, and the children certainly rose to the challenge with some terrific batting on show!


As briefly touched upon above, the children missed Cricket last academic year due to Covid-19 (so bored of that word!!). It is greatly appreciated by the PlaySport coaches that 2 years without the learning of a core sport is absolute madness and frankly, unfair on the children. We really have to commend all of the children this week for their terrific effort and perseverance shown. By the end of each session, you could really see huge progress in their confidence and performance levels!


Well done Boys and Girls for a terrific week of Bowling! Next week, we will continue work on our Bowling, but also introducing various fielding techniques!


See below each lead coaches ‘Highlight of the Week’ in our partner schools:

Fox Hill – Mr McBride: “In truth, the whole week has been a 10/10 week – the children have worked incredibly hard, the behaviour has been faultless and to put the icing on the cake, there really is some incredible talent across the school. Definitely some future Cricket stars!”


Sandy Lane – Mr Nower: “Highlight of the week was how terrific some of the bowling was in Year 2, and even with a batter they still managed to bowl them out!”


Meadow Vale – Mr Dean: “The Year 4’s today celebrating each wicket in bowling like winning the World Cup. The competitiveness was almost as good as some of the techniques!


Great Hollands – Mr Robinson: “Highlight this week was two very tense games between the Boys and the Girls in Years 5/6. First to 10 high catches wins. Girls won both games 10-9 – absolute scenes!!”


St Michael’s Easthampstead – Mr Craske: “The Year 4 bowling technique was brilliant, their listening and understanding of the lesson allowed them to show great bowling at speed!”


The Pines – Mr Hayes: “It’s been an amazing first week at The Pines and therefore, the highlight simply has to be how welcoming the children, staff and whole school community has been on my first week here! I can’t wait to continue getting to know everyone better and taking the PE in the school to a very exciting place. The future here is very bright!”



We had an absolutely wonderful Easter with the children during the Easter holidays with record number at both our Let Me Play Fun Week @ Fox Hill and our Finchampstead FC Football Fun Days!


Thank you so much to the children for making Easter so special and the parent/carers for your trust and support in choosing PlaySport.


Information for our upcoming May Fun Weeks will be online within the next two weeks, so keep your eyes peeled on our social media pages.



We’ve had a great start to our sport specific sessions this term as both our Finchampstead FC Soccer School and FC Bracknell Wildcats players enjoy football with their friends.


Our Finchampstead FC players had a session focused on Ball Control, specifically using different body parts to control the ball, both static and on the move.


Our FC Bracknell Wildcats players enjoyed a session focused on multi-directional dribbling and how they can successfully dribble into available spaces with speed.


The session stars will be uploaded to our social media pages so if your son/daughter received the trophy, head over to our pages to check out the photo!



To round up this week’s update, we’d like to wish you and your family a terrific weekend in this glorious weather!


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our update, as always, any questions can be asked via email (info@play-sport.co.uk) or phone (01344 508008).


We hope you’ve had a nice weekend,

The PlaySport Team

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breakfast club schools bracknell