Our Week in Review – W/C 22nd February ’21

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⭐️OUR WEEK IN REVIEW – W/C 22nd February 2021⭐️

PlaySport provide PPA cover to primary schools in Bracknell.


A start to a new half-term has brought us some great news… the children return on the 8th March. We are absolutely thrilled!


Aside from this news, it’s been a joyous start to the half-term, in which even the weather has been kind to us – good news all round!


See below in a little bit more detail, what we’ve been up too and any updates from the PlaySport team.



The PlaySport team continue working with ‘bubble groups’ in our partner schools: Fox Hill, Sandy Lane, Meadow Vale, St Michaels’ and Great Hollands. The coaching team have started Basketball across the year groups in our schools with a few other sports thrown into the mix (different schools plans may vary!).


Fox Hill – It’s been a cracker of a week at Fox Hill and a slightly different one, as Mr McBride has put on an Olympics Week for the Fox Hill children, with 2 Paralympic events also offered to the children in New Age Kurling and Boccia.


The children have been competing on an individual and team basis, taking part in a variety of different events, trying to beat their own personal scores and in some cases competing against their peers.


The following events have taken place this week: Relay Races (variety of distances), Long Jump, Triple Jump, Speed Bounce, Javelin throw, Chest Push, New Age Kurling and Boccia. It has been a very enjoyable start to the half-term!


Highlight of the Week – The Year 5 groups competition went right to the wire, particularly with the Boccia, tense stuff!


Sandy Lane – Mr Nower and Mr McDonnell have had a brilliant first week back at Sandy Lane, as the children have started learning Basketball – in particular their dribbling.


Mr McDonnell has focused on throwing and catching skills, which included fun games of ‘Battleships’ which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Mr Nower has been focusing on control in tight areas in Basketball, which has seen the children work in 1v1 & 2v2 scenarios. In all sessions this week, it has to be noted, the hard work and focus from all the children.


Highlight of the Week – The skills which were implemented in the small-sided games in Basketball. Incredibly impressive!


Meadow Vale – It’s been a great start to the half-term at our newest school, Meadow Vale. This week has introduced a new member of the PlaySport team, Mr Dean! Mr Dean has been working with Mr Sleet & Mr Lambden in the lunch and PE sessions and has loved his first week working and getting to know the children.


The focus this week has been on dribbling in Basketball, with a particular emphasis on the children being able keep control of the ball in tight spaces. The children were incredibly focused and worked very hard in their learning, meaning the progress was superb all-round!


Highlight of the Week – How welcome the children and staff have made Mr Dean feel in his first week!


Great Hollands – Mr Robinson has had a terrific week with his bubble groups at Great Hollands, as the children begin learning Tennis and Cricket this half-term.


It was Tennis this week with the reception children, working on those fundamental ball skills, with the children doing superbly! Particularly, as for some of the children, it may have been the first time they have had a tennis racket in their hand!


The older children in the school have begun learning Cricket, which is Mr R’s specialist sport! The children this week learned a variety of different bowling techniques.


Highlight of the Week – The incredible effort and progress by the Reception class, very proud of you all!


St Michael’s Easthampstead – Mr Craske and Mr Stow have enjoyed their first week of the half-term at St Michael’s – as they have begun their Basketball, focusing on dribbling.


The children learned the importance of ball control, ensuring those early foundations are set for the children. The sessions were finished with the children attempting some match-play, putting into practice their dribbling skills!!


Highlight of the Week – Seeing the children’s progression and enjoyment in the first week of a new Topic!



For any new readers, last half-term, PlaySport provided children with 12 online PE sessions via our YouTube channel. These PE sessions received positive feedback from teachers and students in the Berkshire area! The good news is (if you are a new reader), these lessons will always remain on our channel, so if your child(ren) at home are hungry for some PE, please go ahead and take part in any of our sessions


Our weekly lessons and recommended days for Lockdown Learning are: Ball Skills (Monday’s), Indoor Athletics (Wednesday’s) and Fitness Friday (Friday’s).


We hope you continue enjoying our sessions and please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfuUfMVE5kWoZb47WCSmpig



Following the brilliant news that the children are returning to school on the 8th March, we are communicating regularly with our partner schools about the possibility of after-school clubs returning and discussing potential dates.


As soon as we have made a decision in partnership with our partner schools, we will communicate with you all. We cannot wait to welcome your children back to our after-school club programmes, but equally, we need to ensure the provision is 100% safe for the children and adults.


We appreciate your patience in advance.


We hope you’ve had a nice weekend,

The PlaySport Team

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