Our Week in Review – W/C 1st February ’21

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⭐️OUR WEEK IN REVIEW – W/C 1st February 2021⭐️

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As the end of the first half-term of 2021 edges closer, we are now well and truly into shooting in our current sport, Hockey! Something which the children absolutely love!


It’s been another terrific week with the children who remain in school, and knowing so many children who continue to enjoy our Lockdown Learning videos certainly makes us happy! If you are a new reader and unaware of what Lockdown Learning is… well, Lockdown Learning is our way of bringing PE to your homes, with PlaySport posting 3 lessons per week during this half-term period.


Here’s the link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfuUfMVE5kWoZb47WCSmpig


See below in a little bit more detail, what we’ve been up to!



The PlaySport team have continued 2021 working with ‘bubble groups’ in our partner schools: Fox Hill, Sandy Lane, Meadow Vale, St Michaels’ and Great Hollands. The coaching team have been delivering Hockey across the year groups in our schools, with this week introducing match-play with shooting conditions across the board.


Fox Hill – Mr McBride and co have had another belter at the wonderful Fox Hill! It has been shooting week this week – which has meant lots of match play scenarios with shooting conditions and bonus points for different kinds of goals in each round. For example: 1 round it was double points for a first-time finish!


Highlight of the Week – The tense battle between “Team Hock” and “The Stars” in the Year 3 session! Team Hock won with a last-second double pointer – incredible!


Sandy Lane – Mr Nower and Mr McDonnell continue working hard with the Sandy Lane crew and have had a terrific week!


Weather has been relatively kind this week, which has meant the children have been able to go outside more often this week, ensuring the children can really enjoy their ‘shooting week’.


Mr N and Mr M have been mightily impressed with the high-level of shooting across all bubble groups, with the children’s power and accuracy of a very standard – the goalkeepers (often the coaches!) have rarely stood a chance!


Highlight of the Week – The Year 4 bubble group this week were absolutely superb, the respect for one another and the hard-work showed was 10/10!


Meadow Vale – Mr Sleet really has had another terrific week at Meadow Vale with the children continuing being absolute superstars across the school!


It’s of course Shooting Week, which is most children’s favourite of the learned skills! The children have been learning to shoot using a variety of different techniques and whilst also on the move. The children put their shooting into practice in match-play scenarios and certainly didn’t let the pressure get to them. Some absolutely amazing strikes on show!


Highlight of the Week – The standard of play from the Year 5 was simply outstanding!


Great Hollands – Mr Robinson continues working hard with his lovely bubble groups at Great Hollands, focusing on both Hockey and Volleyball.


In Hockey, the match-play scenarios have continued this week in the sessions, but with shooting conditions added to the mix, with children getting additional points if they score in a particular fashion (i.e. first-time).


As for the Volleyball, ‘The Spike’ shot has been the focus, with the children learning to ‘smash’ the ball to win the points! The children have naturally absolutely loved this!!


Highlight of the Week – The Year 3 match-play in Volleyball this week was simply fantastic! Great effort and hunger to improve!


St Michael’s Easthampstead – The hard work in Hockey has continued this week at the mighty St Michael’s!


The coaching team (Mr Craske and Mr Stow) have had another highly enjoyable week with the lovely children of St Michaels working very hard this week on their shooting, which has given the children the opportunity to scores goals, goals and more goals!


Of course, it wouldn’t be a PlaySport session without match-play scenarios, and the children have all thrived with the competitive nature of the sessions!


Highlight of the Week – The Year 1/2 bubble’s focus and clear improvement has simply been outstanding!



It’s Week 3 of Lockdown Learning this week, which provides the children at home with engaging, active PE lessons!


This week, we have uploaded videos focusing on Catching & Coordination (Ball Skills), Speed Bounce & Vertical Jump (Indoor Athletics) & Superhero HIIT (Fitness Friday).


The feedback continues to be superb, with the children, parents and even the teachers taking part and learning in our online PE sessions. We have also had some interest from some schools outside the Bracknell area in using our online PE sessions for the children who are unable to attend school. Reminder to everyone, these sessions are COMPLETELY FREE!


A reminder our weekly lessons for Lockdown Learning will be: Ball Skills (Monday’s), Indoor Athletics (Wednesday’s) and Fitness Friday (Friday’s).


We hope you continue enjoying our sessions and please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfuUfMVE5kWoZb47WCSmpig



The PlaySport team have been shopping this week… perhaps some prizes are on the way for some lucky children who have been working hard in/out of school!!


We hope you have a nice weekend,

The PlaySport Team

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sports ppa cover ascot