Our Week in Review – W/C 25th January ’21

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⭐️OUR WEEK IN REVIEW – W/C 25th January 2021⭐️

PlaySport provide sports PPA cover to primary schools in Wokingham.


Snow Week!! Okay, it snowed Sunday, and we had some snow remaining on Monday… but we can still call it Snow Week, right?!


It’s been another enjoyable week for the PlaySport team working with the small groups of children in school, whilst having the comfort of knowing so many children are enjoying our Lockdown Learning videos. If you are a new reader and unaware of what Lockdown Learning is… well, Lockdown Learning is our way of bringing PE to your homes, with PlaySport posting 3 lessons per week during this half-term period.


Here’s the link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfuUfMVE5kWoZb47WCSmpig


See below in a little bit more detail, what we’ve been up to!



The PlaySport team have continued 2021 working with ‘bubble groups’ in our partner schools: Fox Hill, Sandy Lane, Meadow Vale, St Michaels’ and Great Hollands. The coaching team continue delivering Hockey across the year groups in our schools, as well as a few other sports thrown into the mix!


Fox Hill – It’s been another great week at Fox Hill, with Mr McBride and his bubble groups continuing to work hard on their Hockey skills. Lots of fun, match play scenarios are very much the focus, with the children competing against each other whilst learning important skills.


Highlight of the Week – We have to have two this week, as one of them isn’t PE!!

  1. The non-PE highlight has to be the fun Mr McBride and his Year 5 bubble had in the snow during the Monday lunch-club! They had a (very safe and supervised) snow-ball fight with ‘capture the flag’ rules introduced and also built a rather impressive Snowman, who the children named “Frosty” – go to @FoxHill_Primary on twitter and you’ll find a picture of Frosty!
  2. The clear progress made by the Year 4 bubble in their Hockey – credit goes to all of the children!


Sandy Lane – Mr Nower and Mr McDonnell continue their hard work in the mornings with the Sandy Lane children!


Due to the weather, the children have a learned a few different indoor sports this week. The children have enjoyed learning Volleyball, Badminton and some Indoor Athletics! The children have loved trying some different sports, particularly Badminton, which has proved a real hit!


Highlight of the Week – Has to be the Badminton, the children absolutely loved it!


Meadow Vale – Mr Sleet really has continued loving every second of life at Meadow Vale, working hard with the bubble groups at both lunchtime and during PE.


Hockey continues to be the focus, with Mr Sleet now adding competitive match-play, as the children have really developed in their Hockey skills and are ready for the ‘next step’ in their development.


This week was a particularly wonderful week at Meadow Vale, as we are proud to announce PlaySport and Meadow Vale have now agreed a long-term partnership – a very proud moment for the PlaySport team and we cannot wait to continue the hard work and in particular, meeting all of the children when they return. If you want to read a little more regarding our partnership, please click this link:



Highlight of the Week – The respect the children showed for one another when competing against each other!


Great Hollands – Mr Robinson continues the hard work with the bubble groups at Great Hollands working on both Hockey and Volleyball.


The children in both Hockey and Volleyball are now very much focusing on match-play scenarios, with the children learning how to compete against each other in a respectful manner, whilst also remembering and putting into practice the skills/rules they have previously learned. It’s always very satisfying to see how all of the learned skills come together, when the children start competitive match-play.


Highlight of the Week – The Year 5/6 bubble were excellent in competing against one another this week – very respectful and all did their best!


St Michael’s Easthampstead – Week 2 at our favourite Purple school!


The coaching team (Mr Craske and Mr Stow) have had another highly enjoyable week with the lovely children of St Michaels.


This week the focus in Hockey has been on passing and receiving the ball at a variety of different speeds, and also whilst on the move. The coaches have been working hard on the children mastering the long barrier, which is fundamental to controlling the ball at speed!


Highlight of the Week – The willingness to learn from every child at the school!



It’s Week 2 of Lockdown Learning this week, which provides the children at home with engaging, active PE lessons!


This week, we have uploaded videos focusing on Catching & Reactions (Ball Skills), Triple Jump (Indoor Athletics) & Agility (Fitness Friday).


The feedback continues to be superb, with the children, parents and even the teachers taking part and learning in our online PE sessions. We have also received some photo evidence of some of the children learning at home, which has truly made our week! So please send us either photos or videos of your children enjoying our session.


A reminder our weekly lessons for Lockdown Learning will be: Ball Skills (Monday’s), Indoor Athletics (Wednesday’s) and Fitness Friday (Friday’s).


We hope you continue enjoying our sessions and please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfuUfMVE5kWoZb47WCSmpig


We hope you have a nice weekend,

The PlaySport Team

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