Our Delivery

OUR DELIVERY MAXIMIses pupils potential in an enjoyable learning environment

Within our School Sports Partnership, every lesson delivered by a PlaySport coach is consistent with progressing individuals in all areas of their development. Each lesson follows a clear structure to ensure we are maximising the learning opportunities for our partner schools and their pupils.

BEFORE – Class teachers can trust a PlaySport coach to greet the children with a smile and professionalism whilst ensuring children are ready to enter the learning environment in a calm manner with clear expectations.


Using the class behaviour system, children will be rewarded for their positive behaviour, which will be executed calmly in-line with the set expectations from the coach.


Whilst children change, again, the expectations will be for a calm environment, with visual timers ensuring the children change promptly ready for their PE/activity. Whilst the children are changing, our coach will talk through the learning objectives and challenges which will present the children in their PE lesson.

DURING – As our practical activity starts, all children will be aware of the group and individual objectives related to the lesson focus. Each class will follow a detailed yearly plan with achievable and measurable outcomes for children of all abilities.


During our lessons, pupils can expect to have FUN within an INCLUSIVE environment with EDUCATIONAL outcomes, thus ensuring we deliver high-quality, consistent sessions on a regular basis.


Our aim is to maximise the playing time for each individual within our lessons, therefore our coaching style allows for players to take ownership of their learning whilst our team adopts a supportive approach to teach whilst they play.

AFTER – As the session comes to a close, children will be given the appropriate plenary – discussing key points of the lesson and reviewing group and individual targets. At PlaySport, our culture is to reward positivity in our coaching, and therefore, 2 children (Boy and a Girl) will be selected as the STAR learners and will be rewarded with PE points.  


The children will (like they did at the beginning), enter the classroom in a straight line and in a calm manner and will be expected to get changed at the appropriate volume.


If necessary, our coach will dismiss the class following the school’s guidelines or hand the children back to the class teacher – who will not be disappointed by the calm and positive learning environment he/she is greeted with. 

What our school’s say about us?

PlaySport have really helped develop our PE provision for all children. The children not only look forward to PE sessions but also develop their skills and knowledge within each session. The extra-curricular clubs that PlaySport run are also of great benefit and we now have more children taking part in sporting activities for all abilities and ages

Neil Davies, Head Teacher
Sandy Lane Primary School

Our children really look forward to their weekly PE lesson with PlaySport and enjoy the variety of skills on offer. The PE coaches are enthusiastic and friendly and there are lots of opportunities for participating in tournaments and matches.

Sarah Robinson, Head Teacher
St Michael’s Easthampstead CofE

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