Mental & Physical Health


Playing sport has so many important outcomes and it can influence us in so many ways, whether it’s a 4 year old picking up a tennis racket for the first time, or it’s an experienced golfer winning his 82nd PGA Tour title (Well done Tiger Woods!!), the mental and physical benefits of playing sport is huge and has to be considered a major outcome.


Playing sport can help us physically – to stay in a shape that we feel comfortable with, maintains our mobility, reduces blood pressure, improves our muscular strength and endurance..the list goes on!


Our mental health is just as important – it can help with anxiety and depression, helps our self-esteem and confidence, allows us to meet new people, reduces stress, improves sleeping habits..again, the list goes on!


PlaySport cares about the physical and mental well-being in children and gives them the opportunity to play sport in an enjoyable environment that supports each individual so if your child wants some fun and support, we’d happily welcome them to our Fun Weeks and/or School sessions and we’re sure they’ll have a great time with us!


If your an adult who is feeling a little bit low at the moment, remember that’s ok, why don’t you play your favourite sport this week and switch off any physical and/or mental worries you have?

The PlaySport Team

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