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Let Me Play provides many important developmental benefits to young children. Each day, our team provide enjoyable activities after-school to continue learning within a safe, positive and fun environment.

At each location, we have a variety of sports equipment which ensures your child can play the many sports we have to offer at PlaySport. Every day, all children will be encouraged to take part in the daily indoor or outdoor sports activity – this includes Football, Futsal, Dodgeball, Benchball, Handball, Netball, Cricket, Rounders, Tag-Rugby..the list goes on, we’ve got it covered!

Following our daily sports activity, children will have the option to continue active indoor or outdoor games, or they can show us their creative skills!


Our team have plenty of fun games to play with your child, this includes enjoyable playground games, individual challenges, team-building activities and/or personalised games led by children, we’ve got lots of ideas up our sleeve!


Not only are we creative in the sports hall, playground and field, we also love Arts ‘n Crafts just as much! All children will have the option of classroom-based activities with our team, this allows children to show imagination and ownership of their own activities as they show us what they can do.

As much as we love being physically active after-school, it’s equally important for us to provide an opportunity for children to read and complete their daily homework. Our environment is focused on developing children in all areas and this certainly includes their self-learning and education.


We understand it’s a long day for children who have worked very hard during their school day and after-school with us at Let Me Play, therefore the final 30 minutes of each day is ‘Free Time’ which allows children to choose their own activity before collection, this time is supervised by our team to ensure the activities are safe.


We believe the children’s enjoyment is central to their individual development. If a child has fun during a lesson or club, they will undoubtedly achieve more!


It is vital to our coaching team that every session is planned and delivered with every child (regardless of background and individual needs) in mind.


​We have developed a syllabus, which ensures all PlaySport sessions have a clear learning objective, in which appropriate targets are set for children of all abilities.

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