Inspirational Stars Feature – Part 4


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In our current Inspirational Stars feature, today’s inspiration is an individual who has excelled in his sport over the last 10 years and continues to do so on the world stage.


With 27 worldwide tournament victories and currently #1 in the world, Rory McIlroy is certainly a great of the sport and has shown an impressive progression in the last 10 years to reach the pinnacle of Golf.


Since turning pro in 2007, Rory McIlroy has won 18 tournaments on the PGA Tour, 14 on the European Tour, 2 on the Asian Tour and 1 on the Australasia Tour – of these 27 tournament wins, McIlroy has won 4 Major Championships – 2 x PGA Championships, 1 x US Open and The Open Championship, seen in the picture attached.


In golf’s premier team event, McIlroy has been on the winning team in the Ryder Cup on 4 occasions – 2010, 2012, 2014 & 2018, showing that McIlroy is not only a strong individual but also a strong team mate and competitor.


McIlroy’s mental strength and toughness under pressure is one of the many reasons why he’s an inspiration to many, not only children who play the sport but also fellow professionals who strive to be on his level. During every tournament, McIlroy shows a consistent level of performance which is developed through constant practice and improvement, his rise to world number 1 shows that practice definitely does make perfect!


Rory McIlroy is still only 30 which is young in the Golf world, he’s still got some way to get close to Tiger Woods PGA tournament record but he’ll certainly try his best to break some records as he progresses through his career.


📸: Scott Heppell Associated Press

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