Inspirational Stars Feature – Part 3


PlaySport provides PPA cover in Bracknell to Primary School children.


Today’s Inspirational Stars feature a team who experienced success on the world stage two years ago today by defeating a host nation in a dramatic finish.


At the 2018 Commonwealth Games, held on the Gold Coast in Australia, England Women’s Netball squad defeated the world number ones, Australia, in the last few seconds to clinch their first Commonwealth Games gold medal.


This victory wasn’t just a routine win, the women’s national Netball team had to face the best country in the world in the final played in front of their own fans, and to make the victory that little bit sweeter, England were 4 points down in the final quarter and scored in the final second to clinch a deserved victory courtesy of Helen Housby.


The squad who represented our country two years ago inspired us with their determination to win when the odds were against them, the strength in character to keep trying when they were losing in-front of the opponents fans, and the physical fitness to maintain performance up until the final few seconds – when we’re developing children to play sport, we have to focus on the psychological side of learning as much as the physical and technical.


Our Inspirational Stars include Ama Agbeze, Eboni Beckford-Chambers, Jade Clarke, Beth Cobden, Kadeen Corbin, Jodie Gibson, Serena Guthrie, Jo Harten, Natalie Haythornthwaite, Helen Housby, Geva Mentor and Chelsea Pitman 🏐


📸: englandnetball.co.uk

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