How do we select the children?

The PlaySport Foundation

Children are targeted in three ways:

  1. School Referrals
  2. PlaySport Coaching Team Recommendation
  3. Partnerships with Local Organisations

School Referrals

The PlaySport Foundation works in partnership with a range of schools in the Berkshire area. It is through those partnerships the children are targeted, with the school referring children to us.


To stress, the schools we work with keep everything extremely confidential and do not pass on private information to The PlaySport Foundation. The process is as follows:


  • The PlaySport Foundation informs a school there are funds available to supply a specified number of children to attend a specific PlaySport session
  • The school will then hand pick children who meet our criteria and pass on our details to the parent/carers. The school will inform PlaySport of the names of the children selected
  • Parent/Carers of the chosen children will contact the PlaySport team if they are interested and we will get your child(ren) booked on!

PlaySport Coaching Team Recommendation

A member of the PlaySport coaching team identifies your child has a specific interest in a sport through one of our many sessions delivered across our schools. However, you are unable to send your child to an extra-curricular club due to your finances.


The coach will then pass on your details to the Directors of The PlaySport Foundation, who will contact you if there is available funding, opportunity and your child(ren) meet the criteria. 

Partnerships with Local Organisations

As the PlaySport Foundation grows, we aim to work in partnership with local organisations to help identify children in the Berkshire area who would benefit from extra-curricular activities.


As always, absolute confidentiality would be followed.

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