Future Opportunities


There’s many important reasons why playing sport for primary aged children is important and perhaps one of the biggest outcomes sport provides is future opportunities.⠀

Inspiring the next generation is pivotal for the sporting future of our country as we need to create enjoyable learning environments for each individual, if we do this consistently to a high level then the chances of future development and progression increases. ⠀

Across our PlaySport School Programme, one of the key outcomes for us is..’What’s next?’ – we want to provide the key foundations for the next step in development, is the next step joining a team outside of school? Can we inspire children to watch more sport on TV? Can we provide opportunities for children to watch live sport? Can we help behaviour at home by providing additional sporting opportunities? Or can we inspire children to want a career in sports? Everything we do shouldn’t just be about today, it should be about tomorrow.⠀

We’re here to ensure your child loves sports and wants to continue playing at a young age, sporting participation should be maintained across the country during childhood and that comes from sporting providers like ourselves and who knows..if they excel and enjoy sport now, the sky is the limit for future opportunities!⠀

The PlaySport Team

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