Fun Weeks FAQ

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What time do the Fun Weeks start & finish?

Each Fun Week location opens from 8.00am and has an early drop-off period until 9.00am or 9.30am depending on the location.


Some of our locations close at 5.00pm, and some close at 6.00pm – timings for each venue can be found on the venue information page on the website.

What activities do the children do?

We aim to offer a wide range of activities at each location as it’s important for us to cater for every child’s interests and individual needs.


Therefore, we include Multi-Sports, Performing Arts & Arts n Crafts as our core morning activities – in the afternoon, we include Nerf Wars, Laser Tag and other fun-filled activities to the schedule. At some of our sites, we have access to Swimming & Bouncy Castles, this will be listed on the venue’s information page.


As well as activities, children also have choosing time during the day where they will get to watch a film, play with any of the equipment used on the day, have access to an Xbox/PlayStation and Wii, Lego and much more!

Are you registered with Ofsted?

Yes, we are registered with Ofsted, each site has a registration number which can be found on the venue information page.

What do they need to bring with them?

Your son and/or daughter will need a packed lunch with snacks, a refillable drinks bottle, a change of clothes, sun cream (if appropriate), any medication (i.e. asthma pump) and waterproof/warm clothing.


If swimming is provided at the venue, they will need swimming clothing, a towel, and goggles (optional, only if needed). A swimming hat is also optional.

Are your sites a nut-free zones?

Yes, all of our sites are completely nut-free.

Will I need to fill out any additional paperwork on arrival?

We will need you to sign your children in every-day, but this only takes 10/15 seconds! On your first arrival to our setting, your sign in will take slightly longer (not too long don’t worry), as you will need to provide us with a drop-off and collection password for the safety of your child and check the details you provided us online are correct.


Furthermore, if your child has any additional or medical needs, appropriate paperwork will need to be completed. If you wish to speak with a member of staff when dropping off your child, that option is also always available.

Do you provide food and drink for the children?

We don’t provide food & drink, however, we do have access to water fountains at each location if your son and/or daughter needs to refill their water bottle. As stressed above, we are a nut-free zone, so please remember this when packing your children’s lunch.

My child can’t swim, will they be made to go in the pool?

Swimming is optional and there’s no pressure at all to swim if he/she doesn’t want too. Equally, if your son and/or daughter are new to swimming, we completely understand and one of our team is always poolside to support the children. Lifeguards and/or swimming teachers are also with our groups, this depends on each specific venue but there’s certainly enough adults to help your child!

Do you offer a sibling discount?

We offer a discount of 25%, this discount is automatically applied to your booking.

Do you offer any other discounts?

We also offer a full week booking discount of 10% with the voucher code ‘FULLWEEK10’. Other discount codes, including early bird and special offers can be found on our social media or mailing list so make sure you subscribe or like/follow!

If there is an accident or incident what is your procedure for dealing with it?

Each venue has a site manager who deals with accidents and incidents efficiently. Accidents and incidents are reported to parents at the end of the day with a full detail of the specific situation and how it’s been dealt with by our team. It’s extremely important for us to have a clear and consistent communication with parents so you can trust us to deal with situations as and when they happen.


For major accidents/incidents, including head injuries, violence, major injuries etc, parents are called immediately and depending on the severity of the incident/accident, parents will be notified of the next steps.

What is your behaviour strategy?

At each venue, we operate a traffic light system – at the start of the day, all children are on the green light. If a child is showing any signs of negative behaviour during the day, either to another child or to a member of staff, the child will be spoken to by our team and we’ll remind them of how we conduct ourselves with positive behaviour during the day.


If the child continues to show negative behaviour to another child or a member of our team, the child move to the amber light will stay with the site leader for a period of 20 minutes and will not take part in an activity.


If the child continues negative behaviour following when on the amber light, the child will move to the red light and a decision will be made to either miss the activities for the remainder of the day, or leave the site and be collected by a parent/guardian. This depends on the severity of the incidents.


We like to stress, moving children to the amber and red light is something we actively try and avoid, with our team working on various strategies to work with the children and encourage a positive and friendly atmosphere at all times.

My child has never attended your sessions before, and is a little nervous, can I stay with them for a little bit to settle them in?

We want your child to feel comfortable and whatever we can do to help them settle in, we will certainly do that! Due to safeguarding, unfortunately parents aren’t allowed on site but our site leader can stay in regular contact with you to stay updated.

I want to make changes to my booking; how do I do this?

You can edit and cancel your booking online via your account. To cancel, simply click cancel and your son/daughter will be removed from the register. If you’d like to edit your booking and swap a Monday for a Tuesday (for example), then simply cancel the Monday and rebook for the Tuesday. If you’d like to add a day, again this is simple, just login to your account and add your day!


If you have any problems with this process, feel free to call us on 01344 508008 or email info@play-sport.co.uk.

How do I pay for the sessions?

Payment can be made via credit/debit card at the time of booking (no booking fees apply), via BACS to PlaySport Group Ltd, Sort Code 60-83-71, Account Number 24629219, Ref: Child’s Name or via childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare.


If paying via childcare vouchers and tax-free childcare, you can select your provider at the checkout when booking online. If your provider isn’t listed, please email info@play-sport.co.uk and we will register with your new provider.

Do you charge for an early drop-off & a late pick-up?

There’s a charge of £2.80 for an early drop-off and a late pick-up. Each site has an early drop-off or late pick-up of 60 or 90 minutes and you can drop off or pick up your child at any time during that time.

If we miss a session, do we still need to pay?

You can cancel your session at any point up until the day, if you don’t cancel and your son and/or daughter doesn’t attend, you will still be charged.

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