The PlaySport Foundation

The PlaySport Foundation

The PlaySport Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation by PlaySport U.K Ltd. It aims to support and offer children aged between 4 – 16 years of age, active, fun and educational sporting opportunities they may not currently be able to access due to financial, physical or emotional challenges and pressures.

PlaySport feel there is a number of children who do not get the same opportunity that their peers at school get. For example, whilst we are delivering our Fun Weeks, we see children having fun, keeping fit, learning new skills, and socialising. Unfortunately, many children are at home not socialising, not learning those new skills, not keeping fit, not even enjoying the beauty of the fresh air. At the PlaySport Foundation, we will do our best to change this!

This may be down to a number of factors. We are more than aware that finances may be an issue, your child may be anxious about attending extra-curricular clubs or your child may have additional needs that you feel can’t be facilitated.

The PlaySport Foundation’s primary-goal is to ensure we give ALL children the access to sport and fun they crave through funding, opportunity and a coaching team who all sing from the same hymn sheet: to provide children of ALL abilities and individual needs access to fun, sporting and active opportunity in a FUN, INCLUSIVE AND EDUCATIONAL environment.


Our mission is a simple, but important one: We want ALL children to have access to some form of physical activity outside of school hours.

PLEASE NOTE – There are no judgements made from The PlaySport Foundation team to any child who attends any of our sessions via funding. All children who attend our sessions via funding, will be kept completely confidential and we will work in partnership with our schools and parent/carers with the same objective of ensuring your child is safe, active and developing in their sport in all of our sessions.

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